We are proud to announce that our Information Systems and Quality (ISQ) Department in collaboration with Mr. Philipe Kouakou the Record Manager of SIFCA (the group to which GREL belongs) are implementing Electronic Archiving System (EAS). This system allows the company to manage documents electronically to improve efficiency in terms of quick access to archival records.

This has become a necessity to proactively protect our records to avoid the risk of loss of documents which might result due to fire, flood, and deterioration over time and or location change. This electronic documentation process has four stages:

  • Preparation stage, where the documents   from the archives cleaned, neatly arranged and if  torn are  repaired.
  • Indexation –This is the stage where are barcode is printed on each set of document for easy identification. 
  • Scanning – Here the document is actually scanned and saved on the server so that it can be accessed by those who have permission to do so.
  • Classification – At this stage the physical documents are classified into two: those to be retained and those to be destroyed.

The benefits of  this system are manifold – GREL staff can now easily   access   their documents remotely from the comfort of   their office   using their PC’s, a huge relief from the laborious process of having to go through lots of document in the archive.   The benefit of a better keeping of record cannot be overemphasized.

The GREL Scanning centre is the third (3) center to be built in the SIFCA Group and according to the consultant who helped in the implementation of the system, GREL has the best set up in the Group. Currently there are six (6) temporal workers helping in the preliminary implementation stage at the centre.

Congratulations to the team.  

CREDIT-Mr. Kweku Kum ISQ Manager of GREL