Next year will mark the beginning of a decade of quintessential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and activities embarked on by GREL. This is, perhaps, the appropriate time to reflect on the contributions our Company, Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL), has made to touch and transform the lives of communities in our operational area for generations yet unborn.

Apart from documenting, in one piece, the numbers and types of projects executed by GREL over the past nine years, we also need to tell our story for the benefit of especially our community stakeholders.  It is intended that this editorial informs all our stakeholders on the role of GREL in making positive impact on the lives of the people in communities in our operational area.

GREL now operates in 86 communities spread over eight traditional areas in the Western Region and one traditional area in the Central Region.  These CSR projects are undertaken with the collaboration of the Association of Chiefs on Whose Lands GREL Operates (ACLANGO).  The projects are normally requested for by the communities through ACLANGO. A Steering Committee made up of Executives of ACLANGO and GREL Management meets and approves the applications of communities for execution.

Below is a summary of most CSR projects undertaken since 2005:

ACLANGO Secretariat: We started our projects by providing an Office Secretariat for ACLANGO in 2006. The Company supports Nananom in managing the Secretariat on monthly basis and to meet other administrative contingencies. We also support our chiefs to celebrate their annual festivals and organise Annual General Meetings (AGM) of the association.

Basic Schools: We have built 13 Basic schools (KG and primary) at: Apemenim #1 (KG), Abura (11-classroom block), Nsuaem (11-classroom block), New Subri, Anibil, Ankyeryin, Avrebo, Kedadwen, Duahorodo, Onzeanye, Chavene (renovation), Dadwen and Adiowoso.  Currently two (2) basic school blocks under construction at Bamiankor and Akwidaa are to be inaugurated before the year ends.  They will bring the total of basic schools to 15.  All the schools have offices and stores and are furnished for effective learning.

Scholarships: Since the 2005-2006 academic year the Company has offered 122 scholarships under the GREL/ACLANGO Scholarship Scheme to brilliant but needy students in all the traditional areas in our operational area.  The scholarships are tenable throughout the duration of Senior High School (SHS).  Two students are being sponsored in the university.

Long Vacation Classes for Basic School pupils: Since 2006, GREL has been organising long vacation classes for basic school pupils in our operational area.  The Company supplies textbooks and other learning materials free of charge to the pupils, pays the teachers and provides snacks for the pupils and their teachers every Friday.  This year 5,200 pupils benefitted from the programme.

Teachers’ Quarters: GREL has constructed teachers’ quarters at Onzeanye and Kwekukrom in the Nsein and Gwira traditional areas respectively.

KVIP Toilets: Total number is  18 atBamiankor, Apemenim No. 2, Kedadwen (2 pieces), Abura, Gyabengkrom, Anyaao, Ajumako, Mpatase, Essaman, Nyaso, Nkran, Awudua (2 pieces), Tetrem, Abrem-Agona, Awukyire and Tumentu.

Electricity poles (extension): 50 low tension poles were donated to Chavene, Bremen andAluado in the Abokoma Division of the Lower Dixcove traditional area; Ntaakrom, Boekrom, Kubekor, Aboadi and Bogukrom of the Nifa Division of Lower Dixcove traditional area also received 50 low tension electricity poles while 10 poles were donated to Duahorodo in the Ahanta traditional area.  The Company also assisted in the provision of electricity extension in Abura and Kyekyewere.

Community centres: So far we have constructed 10 community centres to provide venues for community meetings and other social activities.  They are located in Kyekyewere, Nsein, Essaman, Dixcove, Mpatase, Apemenim No. 2, Abase, Nyaaso (almost completed) Abura and Animakrom (small centre).

Other projects:

  • Multi-purpose Library at Kyekyewere,
  • Boreholes at Aboagyekrom and Emokwaw,
  • Box culvert (bridge) at Ajumako
  •  Repair of water pumping station at Awudua
  • Health centre at Ahweasu
  • Nurses Quarters at Ahweasu (almost completed).

CSR Farms: This scheme was evolved by GREL four years ago to assist the communities to cultivate Community and Stool rubber farms for their sustenance.  The communities provide land (5 hectares) and GREL undertakes the planting and other agronomic activities under the same principles as the rubber out-grower scheme. So far six communities have taken advantage of this scheme.

Support to other agencies: The Company gives support to other institutions. For example we renovated the Female cell of the Kwesimintsim police station, built a CID office for the Agona Nkwanta police and expanded the entire Police post at Abura.  We also completed the Police staff quarters at Nsuaem.  That structure had been abandoned after the 1966 coup d’etat. In addition we built a four-seater KVIP toilet for the Nsuaem police station.  Last November we handed over an eight-bedroom living quarters for the police personnel at Abura and donated 10-seater modern water-closet facility for the Axim police.

GREL will continue to offer assistance to communities in her operational area to maintain our unrivalled position as the lighthouse of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Republic of Ghana. The future for posterity is bright!