Elsewhere in this edition the Managing Director’s appeal to Chiefs of communities in GREL’s operationalarea to assist the Company in its fight against illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey, is well elucidated. The Chiefs acknowledged the appeal and promised to cooperate with GREL. The occasion was the 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Chiefs on Whose Lands GREL Operates (ACLANGO) at the association’s Secretariat at AgonaNkwanta.

The menace of galamsey is known to most of us as Ghanaians but we seem to be helpless in its control. In GREL, the fight against that phantom has been timely and largely successful. But we need not relax in our efforts.

It is incumbent on all of us as employees at all levels to report any sign of galamsey anywhere in the plantation to Management so that swift action can be taken to dislodge the illegal miners. This is a task for all GREL workers – regular employees as well as technical contractors.

Another issue which also came up during the ACLANGO AGM was stealing of cuplumps and other planting materials by some members of the local communities. This evil practice is on the ascendancy. Definitely, there are some internal collaborators who do not have the welfare of the Company at heart. Management has beefed up security in the plantation and the Factory to check stealing. The days of the internal collaborators are numbered!

The fight against the twin challenge of galamsey and stealing must be embraced by all employees. Our livelihood depends upon the sustainability of the Company. GREL has a great future and we should not allow a few individuals to derail the fortunes of the Company for their selfish interests.