As we raced and have come to the end of the year 2013, I wish to give a reflective account of how we fared in the year as a company. 2013 has been exceptionally good in terms of production from the field (Estates and Out-growers), as a result of favourable weather condition.  We did better than the year 2012.

However the good production had enough impact to compensate for the significant reduction in the rubber prices on the international market. As a result, our turn-over dropped this year, also due to the high inflation (especially regarding petroleum prices and salaries).

We also suffered a lot of cash constraints, as a result of the huge investment we did, acquiring some extension in Awodua II & Subri and increasing the factory processing plant from 17,000 T to 35,000 T per year.

Nonetheless, I wish to assure you that we have passed the first of three difficult years (2013-2015).  We will continue with the developmental agenda at a fast pace even in the year ahead of us:

  • The factory will witness the 2nd phase of its  expansion,
  • Awodua III would be acquired and we plan some acquisition in the Eastern Region.

The huge investment we are embarking on today will open the door for a brilliant future. No matter what the situation we face as a business, our positivity, dedication and focus is what will make us achieve the challenge of becoming bigger.

I wish to remind us all, once again, that to consolidate the future, we need to be effective & efficient, organized and disciplined. We must also perform better each time using all the new tools we launched in the last years (Progress Plan, Internal Audit, Management Control, SIFCA Standard, and ISO 9000 …). We need also to improve more every year our Out-growers, CSR & Safety Policies.

We are confident that with the right attitude, we will get to our destination.

I extend my felicitation to you all on this festive occasion.