Our processing factory established in 1995 with a three- tonne  per hour capacity has taken delivery and completed   the installation of a new processing machine called KAM KIT.     This   machine is a complete rubber processing package made up of shredders and creepers used to process higher quality crumb rubber by means of reducing its water content and other contaminants to meet the standards of our customers who do not compromise on quality.  With this new installation the factory now has the capacity to produce five tonnes per hour.


The part that makes it more exhilarating   is that the installation of the machine was done by a team at the factory, with some in-sight provided by Malaysians   from whom the machine was purchased to ensure compliance to standards and guarantee.

According to the Factory Manager Mr. Frank Famiyeh,   the vision of the Factory is to have a production capacity of 10 tonnes per hour by 2019/2020.

Expansion of factory capacity