Planting projection

The Rubber Outgrowers Unit (ROU) has targeted to plant 5,500 hectares of land in the year 2014.  Out of this, 2000   hectares will be planted for Self Finance Outgrowers (S.F.O), 100 hectares for C.S.R.  farms and those existing farmers wishing to extend their farms. The balance of 3,400 will be for the phase V farmers.

Dry Rubber Production Projection

 Out of the projected 25,160 tonnes of dry rubber to be produced by GREL, ROU has projected to purchase about 11,750 tonnes of dry rubber from the rubber outgrowers representing 46.7% of the total dry rubber production. The remaining 13,410 tons of rubber which is 53.3% of dry rubber would be produced by the Nucleus Estates.