The Project Engineering department of GREL on Friday, July 12, 2013 launched a ground breaking   footbridge for Sremawu village.   The Sremawu footbridge is one of a kind because it goes beyond the boundaries of engineering –   the bridge is 1.5m wide and a span of 47m, with hand rails by the sides.    It is worth mentioning that the maximum span for a footbridge without intermediate support is 25m but the Sremawu village footbridge is pushed beyond the normal 25m to 32m.

The   Sremawu village itself is unique with respect to access to our (GREL) plantation especially during the rainy season.  The Village is about 12km away from the Princess town junction and is bounded on the right side by the Nyani River. This has necessitated the need to construct footbridges to ensure adequate linkages among the workers from the new labour line at Sremawu to division one plantation on the other side of Nyani River.  

 The footbridge which cost the company an amount of €100,000, was engineered by GREL’s projects engineering department, fabricated and installed by WAYO Engineering Ltd with the concrete abutments constructed by Crust Ltd.  

 The Community members who were hitherto compelled to make long detours to get to their destinations, in some case, especially GREL workers and school children have now heaved a sigh of relief because of easy accessibility.    To GREL, absenteeism especially in the rainy season is expected to reduce   immensely because accessibility to Division One Base line to undertake tapping of the new farm is now easier.