We are excited to announce that our head office team has moved to a new building albeit on the same premises. The   old office served us well, and we have great memories   there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. The new office was formerly used by the Company as a Warehouse for final products from the Factory for export.   Above is a picture that shows the office.
While we were happy with space, in the former office there were some motivating factors that necessitated our   move. The new office offers more square footage, and more importantly it allows us to rethink our layout. The project started with a series of tests to ascertain the strength of the various component of the structure.

A lot of engineering experience was used to have the slab demolished and replaced with a new one leaving the existing beams intact. Overall, we now have more of an open plan offices which allows us to work closely together rather than a more compartmentalized layout at our previous office.

Issues on safety & latest state-of-the-art equipment?  Unlike our formal office whose design and layout looks more like a residence with meandering and difficult access and exit routes, the offices in the new building are easy to locate. The new office has the latest state-of- the-art   equipment like fire zoning and electrical system equipment making it a safer place.  These   equipments can detect exact areas of fire and, in case of fire fault on a panel; the problem would be limited to that particular area.  The project was carried out and completed without any injury to the workers on site.

What about efficient energy consumption level?  Against the backdrop of the energy crisis in the country, everyone especially companies owe a duty to preserve energy. With the GREL’s new office there would be efficient usage of energy because of the acoustic materials and the stud( a vertical support)  partitioning used in the building.

We want to give a special shout-out to the men behind this beautiful edifice especially to the Project Engineering and ISQ Department.  They did a phenomenal job.

Our new office lines are: 031-2002600, 0312022079, 031-2022577