“We will stop at nothing when it comes to novelty to bring comfort to the doorstep of our partners- outgrowers”. This statement by Mr. Emmanuel Akwasi Owusu, the Director of the Rubber Outgrower Plantation Project (ROPP) encapsulates the extent it will go to ensure that paying the farmer gets better and easy by the day.

The project has added additional payment mode to the already existing E-zwich payment system which was introduced two years ago – Tigo Cash. The Project signed a memorandum of understanding with Millicom International Cellular Limited (TIGO) on date to use its platform to pay farmers who supply cup-lumps to the factory and will soon start paying the farmers on the Tigo platform.

According to Mr. Owusu “we are happy to have opted for E-zwich to pay farmers who supply cup-lumps to the factory because the E-zwich Payment Distribution System has worked efficiently and has created a lot of convenience for the farmers. The reductions in the risk of carrying physical cash cannot be overemphasized to the farmers who are dispersed in various geographical locations.

The company until two years ago was paying the farmers with cash cheques from a centralized location in its Head Office located at Takoradi, but opted for E-zwich after it got to know about the payment system and its benefits. The Tigo Cash Platform will make it even better. Indeed we are proactive and there is no boundary we will not cross to bring comfort to the outgrower.

Planting Projection For 2015 Planting Season

In spite of the unfavorable rubber prices which have hit the rubber industry in recent times, the rubber outgrower project   is not relenting on its efforts to plant more rubber for those under the project for better days.

Below is the projection for the 2015 planting season:

TOTAL 3,229


It is equally important to note the actual achievement of the project under the 2014 planting season.

PHASE V 3,152
SFO 1,817
TOTAL 5,019