In today’s global economy, barriers of trade have been removed. Companies/organisations therefore have increased their level of performance in order to survive today’s aggressive environment.

In order to stay competitive, GREL must apply effective and efficient plans. The most preferred plan is to be ISO 9000 certified.

What is ISO?
ISO stands for International Organisation for Standards established in 1947, in Switzerland by a Technical committee with the aim of developing intellectual, scientific, technological and economic cooperation between member countries (Bureau of Business Practice).

What does it mean to be ISO Certified?
The ISO 9000 standards improve operating procedure and reduce cost. Being ISO certified means GREL is using the ISO guidelines.
When a company or organization is ISO certified, its customers know that they are getting value for money, in terms of product quality. This tends to improve business and increase profit.

Advantages of having a quality system
The importance of GREL having a quality management system is to meet customer satisfaction.

Our reasons include:

  • A( QMS) Quality Management System ensures our product and services meet customer requirements;
  • Ensure consistency in our day to day operations;
  • Ensure that our processes are repeatable and predictable;
  • Allow GREL to increase and retain satisfied customers;
  • Improve efficiency, reduce operating cost and minimize unproductive time;
  • All of the features are important in surviving in a competitive business environment.