The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated GREL “GREEN” in the 2011/2012 AKOBEN Environmental Performance Rating and Public Disclosure (EPRD) System. This means that we are rated Excellent   with the management of our “ENVIRONMENT” having moved from “ORANGE” rating in 2009 /2010.

GREL is among the few companies in Ghana to be bestowed with the   honour.    I therefore wish to extend my congratulations   to all of us for the part played in achieving this great success.

As I applaud management and staff for the collective   effort in the environmental success   let us imbibe a complete EHS culture in all our endeavours. This means one thing and, that is that each one of us would be safety conscious and environmentally friendly.  Our water bodies should be protected-   this is a call on all of us to desist from farming close to water bodies, spilling oil, uncontrolled chemical application and land degradation as well as judicious use of water and electricity.  We are advised to   farm   at least 10 meters away from seasonal streams and 20 meters from perennial streams and dams.  At our workplaces we are advised to report   incidents and accidents for investigation and the root causes identified. This will enable management propose effective corrective measures to prevent re-occurrence.

Drivers and motorbike riders must be extra careful and judicious in any decision they take while driving. Workers on board labour trucks must prompt drivers when they are exceeding the designated speed limit on the Plantation road. Any action(s) or inaction(s) of drivers on duty that could result in accident must be reported to Management for investigation.

Above all everybody must fully participate in the EHS awareness programmes and acknowledge the fact that safety and environmental protection is a duty for everyone. “SAFER YOU,  SAFER ME”.

 I wish to remind all of us once more that aside the SIFCA Charters, GREL operations are regulated by Government   Agencies – EPA, Forestry Commision, Water Resources Commission, Factories Inspectorate Department,  among others,  by way of Permits and Permit Conditions. Any default could consequently cause the withdrawal of these permits.  Let us work towards achieving one goal- Achieving   excellence in   quality rubber production  to our customers at all times without sacrificing  environment protection, health and safety   management. YES WE CAN!!!!!!