This rubber business is destroying our land. I heard people saying that after the productive years of the tree the land cannot be used for anything.

This is not true: when the rubber trees are felled after the production period, the land can still be used for any agricultural purposes. The major reason is that rubber is a deciduous tree. The leaves fall every year and decay thus turning into organic matter and nutrient in the soil thus make it rich for any agricultural purpose.

  • Is that so? Then what happens to me now if I use all my land to do rubber?  My family and I will starve to death.

My friend, the rubber outgrower project is a well managed project. In the first place the project allows for intercropping for the first to three years. So that period can be used to plant any food crop except cassava which is not good for the growth of the rubber.

  • After three years you cannot do any intercropping again. This is because, the rubber tree would have formed a canopy and no crop survives thence.
  • More importantly the outgrowers are advised and encouraged not to use all their land for rubber planting business.
  • The scheme has set up a training centre where good global agricultural practices are taught and inculcate in the farmers.