The sales and marketing team have since the beginning of the year, been sourcing for a credible partner for the disposable of our major waste especially the polyethylene material such as planting bags, latex cups, plastic crates etc.

Cyclus Recycling and Zeal (both waste management companies) have agreed to partner GREL to better manage the waste generated by our operations on the field. The driving force behind this innovation is to sustainably reduce the negative impact of our activities and rouse respect for the environment as contained in the SIFCA Environmental Charter.

One of the environmental agenda set for the year 2013, is “no disposable plastics waste littering the plantation”. We are proud that on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, Cyclus Recycling Company started the evacuation of our disposable plastics (chemical bottles, waste crates and cup-lump cups) from the field.  Cyclus is grinding the waste picked from our plantations and further processing it for export to Netherlands where their mother company is located.

Polyethylene materials such as planting bag, latex cups, crates, chemical bottles,  are one of the largest waste that our operational activities generate and since it’s a policy in our “Environmental Charter” to fight ‘against activity-related pollution’ there is no better environmental waste management than this.

Zeal on the other hand will incinerates the empty stimulant containers and other waste not useful for recycling as well decontaminate those that are contaminated.

We are confident that our environment is visibly improving and our activities are geared towards “sustainable development”.