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Our new office

We are excited to announce that our head office team has moved to a new building albeit on the same premises. The   old office served us well, and we have great memories   there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space. The new office was formerly used by the Company as a Warehouse for final products from the Factory for export.   Above is a picture that shows […]

Pushing the Boundaries of Engineering

The Project Engineering department of GREL on Friday, July 12, 2013 launched a ground breaking   footbridge for Sremawu village.   The Sremawu footbridge is one of a kind because it goes beyond the boundaries of engineering –   the bridge is 1.5m wide and a span of 47m, with hand rails by the sides.    It is worth mentioning that the maximum span for a footbridge without intermediate support is […]

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    Transforming papers into information – Our New Scan Centre

Transforming papers into information – Our New Scan Centre

We are proud to announce that our Information Systems and Quality (ISQ) Department in collaboration with Mr. Philipe Kouakou the Record Manager of SIFCA (the group to which GREL belongs) are implementing Electronic Archiving System (EAS). This system allows the company to manage documents electronically to improve efficiency in terms of quick access to archival records.

This has become a necessity to proactively protect our records […]

Using ISO to improve & increase quality of our products – GREL’s Take

Companies the world over strive   for quality and the answer to increasing the quality of its products and/or services is ISO 9000.  GREL is among some other companies in the world striving for top quality for its products   hence implementing   ISO 9000 standards to answer the question of quality.

Here we dedicate this column to informing our people on what the ISO 9000 is all about, the various   families in […]

GREL goes green

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has rated GREL “GREEN” in the 2011/2012 AKOBEN Environmental Performance Rating and Public Disclosure (EPRD) System. This means that we are rated Excellent   with the management of our “ENVIRONMENT” having moved from “ORANGE” rating in 2009 /2010.

GREL is among the few companies in Ghana to be bestowed with the   honour.    I therefore wish to extend my congratulations   to all of […]