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Transforming Community Generations

Next year will mark the beginning of a decade of quintessential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects and activities embarked on by GREL. This is, perhaps, the appropriate time to reflect on the contributions our Company, Ghana Rubber Estates Limited (GREL), has made to touch and transform the lives of communities in our operational area for generations yet unborn.

Apart from documenting, in one piece, the numbers and types of projects […]

CHPS compound

GREL has since July this year established and been operating a Community-based Health Planning and Service (CHPS) compound in the A ‘Lang community and its environs in its Division One plantation. This is aside the Clinic at ABURA.

The compound has facilities for child welfare clinic, emergency   delivery, family planning, antenatal services and circumcision, basic consultation in addition to dispensation of drugs. 

Some Of Our Success Stories


Our processing factory established in 1995 with a three- tonne  per hour capacity has taken delivery and completed   the installation of a new processing machine called KAM KIT.     This   machine is a complete rubber processing package made up of shredders and creepers used to process higher quality crumb rubber by means of reducing its water content and […]

B.K Shaibu’S Forest Reserve

We have reserved part of our concession in Awodua to serve as a native forest to signify our respect to biodiversity. This protected area known as the B.K. Shaibu’s ‘FR’ is named after the Manager in charge of the concession. The reserve   is a typical native forest of 5.3ha located in block E3 of the Awodua plantation and is home to valuable medicinal plants and […]

Let’s Respect the territorial intergrity of GREL

The recurring incessant requests, and in some cases demands, for land from the communities in GREL’s operational area give great cause for concern.  The requests for land always come when the Company fells old trees for re-planting.  All stakeholders need to be kept abreast of pertinent facts for our collective knowledge.

 The total land area of GREL under a compulsory Land Acquisition Act through Executive Instruments […]