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GREL is ISO 9000 Compliant

In today’s global economy, barriers of trade have been removed. Companies/organisations therefore have increased their level of performance in order to survive today’s aggressive environment.

In order to stay competitive, GREL must apply effective and efficient plans. The most preferred plan is to be ISO 9000 certified.

What is ISO?
ISO stands for International Organisation for Standards established in 1947, in Switzerland by a Technical committee with the […]

The Twin Challenge Of Galamsey And Stealing

Elsewhere in this edition the Managing Director’s appeal to Chiefs of communities in GREL’s operationalarea to assist the Company in its fight against illegal mining, popularly known as galamsey, is well elucidated. The Chiefs acknowledged the appeal and promised to cooperate with GREL. The occasion was the 11th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Chiefs on Whose Lands GREL Operates (ACLANGO) at the association’s Secretariat […]

Novelty Without Borders

“We will stop at nothing when it comes to novelty to bring comfort to the doorstep of our partners- outgrowers”. This statement by Mr. Emmanuel Akwasi Owusu, the Director of the Rubber Outgrower Plantation Project (ROPP) encapsulates the extent it will go to ensure that paying the farmer gets better and easy by the day.

The project has added additional payment mode to the already existing […]

ACLANGO Chairman Applauds GREL…

The chairman of the Association of Chiefs on whose Lands GREL operates (ACLANGO) Awulae Agyefi Kwame II, the Paramount Chief of the Nsein traditional area, has called on the ACLANGO members to applaud the Management of GREL for the numerous C.S.R projects the company continues to provide its operational communities in spite of the financial challenges GREL is currently undergoing as a result of the declining rubber […]

GREL Joins Alliance Francais For Francophonie Festival

GREL on Friday, March 27, 2015, joined the Alliance Française in Takoradi to celebrate Francophonie Festival, at the Atlantic Hotel. Francophonie is celebrated to promote the learning of the French Language, promote bi-lateral cooperation and diversity among 80 member countries of which Ghana is a member.
GREL collaborates with the Alliance Française to celebrate the Festival so as to promote the “GREL brand”; being an international company with […]