We have reserved part of our concession in Awodua to serve as a native forest to signify our respect to biodiversity. This protected area known as the B.K. Shaibu’s ‘FR’ is named after the Manager in charge of the concession. The reserve   is a typical native forest of 5.3ha located in block E3 of the Awodua plantation and is home to valuable medicinal plants and wild animals of various species. It could also represent a place of value for tourist destination.     

Yes natural rubber is a form of afforestation but maintaining ecological balance is one of the pivots around which GREL revolves as a matter of policy.  One of our Charters, the ‘SIFCA ENVIRONMENTAL CHARTER’, advocates for the preservation of a minimum of 10% of all newly acquired concessions for the purposes of biodiversity.

In the Awodua concession, for example, at least 150 hectares of forest land along the River Ankobra is ear­marked for reservation since the commencement of development operations in April 2012. This will obviously help protect the river and biodiversity.  It is estimated that by the completion of the planting of the total concession   about 400 hectares of forest would have been reserved.

Located on the Apinto Stool Lands and acquired from the Apinto Stool of the Wassa Fiase traditional area, the GREL’s total concession area in Awodua (Awodua I&II) is about 4000 hectares, with a total of 450 hectares planted so far, with the possibility of increasing to 5000ha if we succeed in the acquisition of Awodua III. 

The presence of GREL in Awodua is zealously transforming the Awodua township; economic empowerment through job creations, social developmental interventions like construction of roads, K.V.I.P’s, and educational interventions amongst others.